1800 Solar USA consists of a team of professionals with two objectives: save clients money on electric bills and grow a greener world. 1800 Solar USA offers many options to reduce your energy usage and our products even include installation to make going green even easier.  Our team has more experience and offers cutting edge technology to bring your home the best possible product at an unbeatable price to reduce your energy consumption. Our most popular products include:

  • Active Solar Power
  • Energy Efficient Windows
  • Radiant Barrier
  • Attic Insulation
  • Thermal Wall Insulated Siding
  • Solar Reflective Roofing
  • Energy Audits

1800 Solar USA also offers energy efficient windows. Windows allow heat to escape and transfer into homes more than anything else does, and with the right windows a homeowner can save on heating and cooling costs. Picture late December, when your house is cozy and snug except for a draft near the window. Hot air escapes, cold air comes in. Efficient windows reduce condensation, improve daylight streaming (lowering lighting costs), and even protect carpet and other household items from sun fading. Most retailers offer windows rated R3. R3 is better than R1, of course, but nothing compared to the windows at 1800 Solar USA. Its lowest-rated windows are R4s, but most are R5-R9, and it offers the only triple-paned windows in the area.

Aside from windows, improper insulation can greatly hinder a home’s energy efficiency. Attic insulation is said to reduce up to 50 percent in energy costs if it’s up to par and correctly installed. The company also installs radiant barriers. Insulation, while it slows the process of heat transfer from sunlight through your attic, isn’t nearly as effective as radiant barriers. These highly reflective surfaces are positioned perpendicular to sunlight in attics (usually a tin foil-type material), allowing it to redirect sunlight and keep a house cool. Cooling costs are lowered as much as 10 percent after installing radiant barriers.

About Us

1800 Solar USA has offices in Austin and Lakewood, Portland Or, just outside of Denver. The company’s upper management has worked together for more than a decade. This brings consistency, experience, and a customer-first focus to its clients. “Never leave a dissatisfied customer behind,” is its motto — dissatisfaction is the opposite of what customers experience with the energy-saving gurus at 1800 Solar USA. Each product purchase includes installation and consultation. If you have windows or roofing jobs that need implementation, employees install the product, seal doors, seal windows, and explain how to control energy efficient heating and cooling. Employees also take part in community events. Its partnerships with a handful leading manufacturers of ensures homeowners have a plethora of choices as it relates to the most energy efficient products on the market.

  • Solar World: ALL-IN-ONE kits with perfectly synchronizes components
  • Sun Edison: As a leader in solar energy, SunEdison embeds decades of silicon expertise into every solar module.
  • Malarkey Roofing: This west coast roofing company distributes its products across the country.
  • Norandex:Norandex is a building materials company, and has received the 2009 and 2010 Energy Star Partner of the Year by the USEPA, followed by two more years for Sustained Excellence.
  • Simonton: Simonton Windows are built to last and save money. Products range from skylights to screen doors.
      • Pella Windows:  This company is dedicated to lowering greenhouse gas emissions. They offer many energy efficient products.
      • Austin Energy: This company provides power to residential and commercial structures throughout Austin.
      • Energy Star: Energy Star assesses home energy efficiency, and provides tools and information on reducing carbon footprints.
      • Clean Energy Distribution: This company supplies inventory and products for projects big and small
      • Xcel Energy: The company operates in eight states and provides a comprehensive portfolio of energy-related products and service.

1800 Solar USA: The Way of the Future

Solar power, while a new-wave energy solution, is becoming a normal enough sight in neighborhoods. But why? You can argue and justify for electricity and rail against solar all day if you want, but a few facts about solar energy never change.


The sun doesn’t send you a power bill at the end of every month. Aside from instillation costs (which you can save over half on using a combination of tax credits, incentives, and rebates), solar energy is free.


Except for geothermal and wind energy, solar power is the principle provider of clean, renewable energy. Traditional fossil fuel sources are becoming more expensive as they run out — the sun isn’t going anywhere, and if it does, it’ll prove too late to notice any difference.


Burning coal creates greenhouse emissions (even with coal stack scrubbers and “green coal”). Solar power, on the other hand, has a zero emission rating once the panels are constructed and installed. It’s a safe, indefinite supply of power.


Solar is easy. It requires minimal maintenance; no more than a few times a year will you have to spray or scrub a few panels to ensure efficiency. These systems can last up to 30 years if cared for and installed properly, allowing homeowners to collect on decades’ worth of energy savings.

1800 Solar USA believes in service to the customer. The company wants to help you save money through energy bills, collecting tax credits and incentives, and offsetting the initial installation expenses. 1800 Solar USA doesn’t go for half-measures; instead, its services are tried and proven energy solutions.

The team at 1800 Solar USA consists of energy professionals that have developed relationships with industry leading manufactures and distributors to offer expertise in every aspect of energy efficient consulting and project management. We utilize top specialists in all aspects of energy efficient remodeling. This ensures that our customers will receive the best information, products, and financing for any application/project with any and all energy efficiency upgrades. True energy efficiency is obtained through a full diagnosis of energy loss.1800 Solar USA provides solutions for an unmatched “whole home approach“. We identify all problem areas and outlines customized solutions with the right products to reduce energy costs and stop rising energy bills.

1800 Solar USA: An Earth-Friendly Alternative

People are consumers. They use products, eat food, create waste, and do little to clean up after themselves (though, there isn’t always an easy method for doing this). Greenhouse gases (GHG) are unwanted byproducts of industrial manufacturing and consumption. In essence, GHGs are created when large amounts of gases (carbon dioxide, methane, etc.) trap solar radiation beneath the atmosphere. Because of the large amounts of carbon emissions created every day, companies like 1800 Solar USA are finding ways to reduce daily output to help level out pollution.

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