Solar-Myths-9:5:16In a world where high-tech science rules all mobile devices, including automobiles and trucks, it’s hard to believe anyone would ignore the benefits of solar power. However, myths arise that interfere with the opportunities offered by alternative energy sources. Here are 10 myths that no longer exist.

1. Myth: Solar panels put out less electricity in cold climates.
Fact: Electric circuits lose efficiency under high temperatures which allow solar panels to gain efficiency during cold weather. Cold sunny days increase the conductivity and make the electrons flow more rapidly.

2. Myth: Solar panels will improve, and it is smarter to wait about buying them.
Fact: All new technology continues to develop over time. However, solar panel efficiency remains established at the standards set in the 60s.

3. Myth: We won’t live in your home long enough to make back the expense of installing solar power.
Fact: An array of solar panels recoups your investment in as little as 6 to 15 years and with State and Federal Tax Credits as little as 2 to 4 years with an immediate increase in property values of approximately $15,000.

4. Myth: Solar panels need tracking systems for best sun exposure.
Fact: Our professional installation teams are highly trained to use GPS and Postal Codes to pinpoint the exact location of your property. We install the panels so that they gain maximum exposure to the sun, without installing tracking.

5. Myth: We live in snowy, and cloudy conditions and panels won’t work here.
Fact: For locations where snow is a significant yearly factor, we install the panels at an angle that allows the snow to slide off as it accumulates. Rain washes off the surface and helps keep away debris and bird droppings.

6. Myth: Solar panels are ugly and make my home unattractive.
Fact: One of the latest advancements in solar power is solar shingles that blend in with the existing Asphalt shingles. Our installation professionals are trained to mount the panels in an array elsewhere on the property, including the ground.

7. Myth: We want maintenance free living, and solar panels require constant maintenance.
Fact: Due to the materials and design of solar panels, they need minimum attention. Our recommendation is an annual inspection for any damage to the panels and an overall system performance test. Manufacturers offer lifetime warranties on their systems, and if you lease the system, your dealer provides maintenance.

8. Myth: Solar panels cause roof damage.
Fact: When correctly installed by our professionals, these panels help lengthen the life of Asphalt shingle roofs.

9. Myth: Not all states offer financial assistance for converting to solar panels.
Fact: Almost all states in the US offer financial participation, and the federal government currently offers a 30% tax credit for installing solar systems before the end of the year 2019.

10. Myth: Solar power systems need storage batteries, and we don’t have any room to put them.
Fact: Our customers are surprised to find out that solar systems connect directly to the local electric company. Net Metering is the method used to calculate the amount you sold to the grid, and how much you owe them. Battery backup is optional for the enjoyment of Off-Grid living.

As the younger generations take over Congress, crude oil, fossil fuels, and wood will cease being in demand, and alternative power sources will replace all of these. For additional information or a free estimate, call us for an appointment to help you save money on your monthly bills.