SolarGreenEarthThe threat of global warming has seen many celebrities joining the bandwagon of environment conservationists. Every celebrity worth their salt seem eager to play their part. Here is an overview of the top 20 celebrities that have gone solar:

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio advocacy for climate change over the years has seen him appointed the UN Messenger of Peace. DiCaprio claimed that he wanted to be a marine biologist before he ventured into acting.

Mark Ruffalo
He is a staunch advocate against fracking. He has been involved in numerous green initiatives such as the People’s Climate March and the 45 Day Vow of Silence in demand for action towards climate change.

Julia Roberts
The renowned film actress is a fan of solar power. She had her Malibu home solar powered.

Rachel McAdams
The Canadian actress has enjoyed an illustrious career in film and television since 2001. She drives an electric car and uses solar energy for her home.

Jack Johnson
Johnson is a renowned songwriter whose eco-minded music festival that is hosted in Hawaii attracts thousands every year. His Kokua Hawaii Foundation that was started in 2004 sensitizes the Hawaii communities about environmental issues.

Cate Blanchett
This Australian actress has received international acclaim and numerous accolades. Blanchett has powered her home with solar and has also installed solar panels for the Sydney Theatre Company.

Don Cheadle
Cheadle is an American writer, actor, director, and producer. His involvement in environment conservation includes joining the Solar Neighbors initiative.

Pierce Brosnan
Well known for his role in films as James Bond, Brosnan has his home in Malibu installed with solar panels. He also has been inducted into the National Environmental Hall of Fame.

Weird Al Yankovic
The American satirist and voice actor is a staunch advocate for the use of solar energy.

Edward Norton
Norton is an American filmmaker, actor, and activist. He too has installed solar power for his home and is involved in the Solar Neighbors program.

Brad Pitt
Apart from his involvement in the Make it Right Foundation and the Solar Neighbors program, he has also supported the development of eco-friendly houses, especially after the devastating Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

Will Ferrell
The American actor, comedian, and producer is a great supporter of the sun-kissed energy production.

Daryl Hannah
The American actress and director is an avowed environmental activist. She has been at the forefront advocating against the construction of a coal mine and is also involved in Solar Neighbor program.

Tom Hanks
Hank is an American actor and filmmaker, well known for his role in Apollo 13 amongst many others. As an environment enthusiast, he is involved in Solar Neighbors.

Dany Davito
He is touted as the start of the “ Its Always Sunny” in Philadelphia show. He is also a big advocate of solar power.

Johnny Depp
Depp is the winner of the Golden Globe Award amongst others. He is an ardent supporter of solar energy and has installed his personal island with hydrogen solar.

Salma Hayek
She is an American actress and the 2003 Oscar nominee for her leading role in the movie Flora. She is involved in the Norton Initiative.

Robert Redford
Redford has played leading role in films throughout the 70s and 80s. He is a strong supporter of environmental conservation. He doesn’t just use solar panels but encourages others to adopt them.

Ed Begley Junior
The actor is an electric car enthusiast. He is known for the electricity generating bicycle for his toaster. His annual electricity bill is averagely $ 300 each year as the rest of the energy he uses is solar-generated.

Jim Carrey
Carrey is a Canadian-American comedian, actor, and producer. He too is a staunch campaigner of the use of solar power.

These celebrities are champions of environmental conservation. Their stand on solar power usage is a message that it is time for everyone to play their part.