Home Solar Panels Cause Less Damage than Solar Farms

In 2012, the government approved approximately 285,000 acres of public land for commercial solar farm development. A number of these farms function as co-ops, where community members buy panels and use the generated electricity in their homes. Solar farms pave the way for more widespread green energy usage, but they may not be the most [...]

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Hourly Workers More likely to Go Green for Benefits

Recent studies from the University of British Columbia (UBC) show that monetizing your time can reduce green behavior. These discouraging results suggest that as long as people view their time as having a monetary value, they are less likely to complete green behaviors. A majority of people living in the United States hold hourly positions, [...]

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Monetizing Your Time Reduces Green Behavior

The saying that time is money reflects the way our society puts value on your time. Working hourly-waged positions increases a person’s likeness to place monetary value on time. Recent research has found that monetizing your time could reduce green behavior. "Time is Money" Reduces Green Behavior Researchers from the University of British Columbia (UBC) [...]

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