How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

People who have had solar panels installed often cite their eco-friendliness as the biggest draw. The thing is, they can also save you a ton of money in the long run! However, many also think that there’s no way their solar panels can last long enough for the savings to be significant. That just isn’t [...]

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5 Solar Products You May Not Know Of but Need To Know

  The expansion of solar power on a home by home basis has greatly expanded the styles of power and power monitoring available. New solar systems efficiently convert sunlight into a commodity you can sell back to your electric company. These systems can also now let you know multiple times each day where energy inefficiencies [...]

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Energy Efficiency: 5 Reasons You Should Practice These 5 Energy Saving Tips

With all the headlines about energy use, climate change, and sustainability, the manner in which we use our resources is getting a lot of attention these days. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Americans use about 18% of the energy produced in the world. By making a few changes, consumers can reap the benefits [...]

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Top 10 Cities That Have Gone Solar and Why

Among fossil fuel alternatives, solar energy shines! By installing a home solar system, you'll reduce the effects of pollution and save money on electric bills. Now is the ideal time to switch. Here are the rewards of going solar and the top cities lighting the way. Golden Cities Environment America advises that US metropolitan centers [...]

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The Benefits of Solar Power for a Business Office

There are several benefits from using solar power in a business office. The energy costs will be lower for the monthly utility bills. The additional funds that are not used for the utility bills can be used for expanding a business such as with new equipment. The business owner will be recognizing a social responsibility [...]

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7 Reasons Why Having a Solar System Is Becoming So Popular

Are you distraught by the rising costs of oil and natural gas? Do want to reduce the impact of global warming on our environment? Do you seek a better alternative to fossil fuels and nuclear power? Solar systems are a brilliant solution. Sunlight is rapidly becoming a favored source of electricity among consumers. In fact, [...]

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20 Celebrities that Have Gone Solar

The threat of global warming has seen many celebrities joining the bandwagon of environment conservationists. Every celebrity worth their salt seem eager to play their part. Here is an overview of the top 20 celebrities that have gone solar: Leonardo DiCaprio Leonardo DiCaprio advocacy for climate change over the years has seen him appointed the [...]

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10 Misconceptions and Misunderstandings About Buying Solar

In a world where high-tech science rules all mobile devices, including automobiles and trucks, it's hard to believe anyone would ignore the benefits of solar power. However, myths arise that interfere with the opportunities offered by alternative energy sources. Here are 10 myths that no longer exist. 1. Myth: Solar panels put out less electricity [...]

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10 Easy Steps To A Solar Powered Home

When the possibility of accessing solar power first reached the awareness of homeowners, it sounded like a great way to save money on electricity bills. The only problem was that the initial cost was so steep that it would take years to recoup the investment for the average homeowner. Thankfully, that has changed, and now [...]

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Solar Panels Have Endless Benefits

Solar Panel Facts Solar panel customers bask in the benefits of using solar energy each day as they save money and save the environment. Solar panels channel the sun’s energy and produce electricity using the photovoltaic cells on the panel. These panels are referred to as PV panels, which are available through 1800 Solar USA [...]

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