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1-800 Solar USA is a solar panel installation company. We are dedicated to reducing the dependency of energy by taking a “whole house” approach and providing some of the best products and service on the market. Our team of experts will walk you through the process of becoming more efficient while utilizing new utility credits and tax incentives to help offset your out of pocket expenses by thousands of dollars. Typically, qualified home owners actually make money each month compared to their previous bill history.[/fusion_text][/fullwidth]

Why Solar?

Save Money
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Our customers are our best sales people

Testimonial 1

J Steven Langford

“1-800 Solar USA improved the efficiency of my home tremendously. Replacing the windows that catch direct sunlight with the triple pane windows really made a difference in the amount of heat genius through to my living room. Combined with extra attic insulation and duct sealing, my house feels so much cooler in the warmer months and warmer in the cool months.”

Testimonial 2

Darcy Miller

“1-800 Solar USA has always been extremely pleasant and helpful to deal with. From the very beginning everyone we dealt has gone the extra mile for us to make sure our questions were all answered. They helped with recommendations to help insulate our home and make it more energy efficient.”

Testimonial 3

Bryan Goldstein

“I am happy to be a 1-800 Solar USA customer and would be happy to repeat my experience with them or have someone else do the same.”

Cooperative Energy Program

Our ultimate goal is to make solar available, and affordable to as many people as possible

The co-op energy program is simply a cooperative union between your energy providers (including but not limited to providers in the cooperative program), many different manufactures, and the federal government. These different entities all have a vested interest in getting as many homes as energy efficient as possible in the near future; in doing so, the homeowner will receive substantial rebates and incentives that are possible through this program. We want people who are interested in solar and energy efficiency, and we want to help them through every step of their project. This is a limited program and incentives & rebates are expiring daily.

In order to make sure that the homeowner will receive the maximum rebates and incentives we create a study home; to make solar effective, energy upgrades must be done. 1800Solar wants to do this for you! We have a highly trained team of professionals. We invest thousands into our co-op program, or study homes, to ensure they retain the energy they produce. This means attic insulation, weather stripping, radiant barrier, adjustable thermostats, and even a few windows. These energy upgrades are required for you to qualify for rebates. The rebates aside, there is also a 30% federal tax incentive; in other words, there is a lot of money waiting for people who participate in the co-op energy promotion.

Experience the Difference

Solar World Quality Testing

We test, test and test again.

Solar World, Real Value

Every component we use is at least 3 times IEC requirements.

How Enphase MicroInverters Work

Enhance your systems production with micro-inverter technology.