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A vast majority of people worldwide depend on finite fossil fuel to power their homes and businesses. Processing and refining this finite fuel source produces toxic byproducts that damage the environment and negatively impact human health. Home solar panels can free you from your dependence on traditional fuel and provide you with inexpensive, efficient, sustainable energy for years to come. Solar panels may be one of the most important solutions for decreasing the collective dependence on harmful fossil fuels in order to combat the growing problems of pollution and global warming.

At 1-800 Solar USA, we strive to make green energy more affordable in order to make it available to as many people as possible. If you are interested in learning more about how solar works, or installing solar panels at your home or business, please call us at (800) 475-7559 to speak with a representative at our Denver location. You can also contact us online.

Why Solar Panels?

Save Money With Solar Panels
Save Money, Every Month

Reduce Your Footprint
Big Impact, Small Footprint

Increase Equity
Energy and Equity

Freedom From Utility Companies
Freedom From the Electric Company

Sustainable Energy For a Better Future

Solar panels provide safe, pure energy from the sun to power your home. Limiting your dependence on fossil fuel reduces your household’s carbon footprint every year. By switching to green energy, you can decrease the production of harmful greenhouse gasses that contribute to environmental damage and global warming.

Pay Less For Your Electricity

Harnessing energy with solar panels will save you money. This green energy can reduce your electricity bill by cutting back the amount of electricity you use from your local provider. Renewable resources further decrease your bill by providing free energy that does not require any refinement.

Solar panels also have the potential to save money on a national scale. With fewer and fewer people depending on fossil fuels, the U.S. will depend less on oil imports from other countries. These imports cost billions of U.S. dollars every year.

Invest in Your Home

When you install solar panels, you invest in your home. With the growing popularity of green energy, more and more people want energy-efficient houses. The addition of solar panels can increase the value and desirability of your home in some areas if you ever decide to move.

Reliable Electricity

Solar panels provide you with a reliable power source. The use of solar panels does not deplete resources like other forms of power, making it an ideal source of electricity. Even on cloudy days, you can rest assured that you will have energy thanks to stored power.

For more information about installing solar panels for your home or business, please call us at (800) 475-7559 to speak with a representative at our Denver location, or contact us online.


Our customers are our best sales people

Testimonial 1

Alisa J.

“Flipped the switch today! I am now FREE of my electric bill. 1800SolarUSA handled everything from start to finish with 5 star service.”

Testimonial 2

Joy R.

“I don’t know why all Coloradans wouldn’t do this. Our net-net is going to be around zero with rebates and we didn’t go out of pocket at all for panels that are warranted for 25 years!”

Testimonial 3

Alan G.

“They didn’t just sell me solar…They sold me a solar package. This made my old home much more efficient thereby allowing my solar panels to really make a difference on my electric bill. Glad I went with 1800SolarUSA.”

Cooperative Energy Program

Our ultimate goal is to make solar panels available, and affordable to as many people as possible
The co-op energy program is simply a cooperative union between your energy providers (including but not limited to providers in the cooperative program), many different manufactures, and the federal government. These different entities all have a vested interest in getting as many homes as energy efficient as possible in the near future; in doing so, the homeowner will receive substantial rebates and incentives that are possible through this program. We want people who are interested in solar and energy efficiency, and we want to help them through every step of their project. This is a limited program and incentives & rebates are expiring daily.

In order to make sure that the homeowner will receive the maximum rebates and incentives we create a study home; to make solar effective, energy upgrades must be done. 1800Solar wants to do this for you! We have a highly trained team of professionals. We invest thousands into our co-op program, or study homes, to ensure they retain the energy they produce. This means attic insulation, weather stripping, radiant barrier, adjustable thermostats, and even a few windows. These energy upgrades are required for you to qualify for rebates. The rebates aside, there is also a 30% federal tax incentive; in other words, there is a lot of money waiting for people who participate in the co-op energy promotion.

Experience the Difference

Solar World Quality Testing

We test, test and test again.

Solar World, Real Value

Every component we use is at least 3 times IEC requirements.

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