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Solar panels are one of the fastest growing forms of green energy production today. Even home and business owners benefit from taking advantage of the lower costs of this sustainable resource. You can make your home more efficient and sustainable by installing solar panels on your home.

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Why Solar Panels?

Save Money With Solar Panels
Save Money, Every Month

Reduce Your Footprint
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Increase Equity
Energy and Equity

Freedom From Utility Companies
Freedom From the Electric Company

It Pays to Go Green

We face many inevitabilities in our lifetime, including monthly utility bills. Among these, you likely pay an electricity bill that reflects your recent usage. These costly utility bills usually fluctuate with the current market value of fossil fuels, which increases more often than not. By investing in home solar panels, you can reduce your monthly electricity bill and avoid agonizing price hikes.

After the initial installation, your panels will generate free electricity for your daily use. The sun’s rays hitting your panels will provide you with a majority of your electricity needs, significantly reducing what you use from the utility company. On days where you don’t use all of the electricity generated by your array, the excess travels into the grid and you receive credits for use on future billing cycles. With these benefits, you should see a significant drop in your future utility bills.

By investing in this renewable resource, you also invest in your home. Your new solar panels can also increase the value of your home. The demand for green energy is on the rise, and more people actively seek homes with these features already installed.

Solar Panels Offer An Earth-Friendly Alternative

In addition to lowering your monthly utility bill, your home array will also reduce your carbon footprint. The average household in the United States produces approximately 7.5 tons of carbon dioxide pollution per year. Most of this comes from using electricity. These poisonous gases are dangerous for your health, and harm the environment.

Solar panels offer a clean, efficient alternative to traditional fuels. Converting the sun’s rays into electricity produces zero emissions. Investing in home panels also prevents environmental destruction and health hazards associated with the every-increasing number of active oil wells trying meet current demands.

Empower Yourself with Reliable Electricity

When you invest in solar panels, you also invest in a stable, reliable energy source for you and your family. Current high demand is rapidly reducing the finite amount of fossil fuels available. As this non-renewable resource dwindles, the monopolies, which own the rights to the land and machinery, drive up the prices of this essential commodity.

This clean, sustainable resource gives you control over your own energy future. Nobody can place a monopoly on the sun, and the amount of rays coming to Earth do not deplete as we use them. With a reliable source of power, you can have peace of mind as you go about your day.

For more information about installing solar panels for your home or business, please call us at (800) 765-2787 to speak with a representative at our Houston location, or contact us online.


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Nancy M.

“I wasn’t sure about the whole solar energy movement, but I knew I wanted to look into it more. 1800SolarUSA did a great job helping us understand and pick the right system for us. Everyone from the customer service reps to the installers where very nice and knowledgeable. Great company, thumbs up for sure!!!!”

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DRPK Taylor

“Jerry did an outstanding job explaining the process and the value in getting solar panels. He showed us documentation on their top of the line solar panels & the costs savings versus paying an a electric bill for the next 30 years. Their solar panels are made in the USA & have a 25 year warranty. Can’t wait until they are installed!”

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John J.

“They did everything in a timely fashion. I have seen a reduction in energy bill, would recommend them. They delivered as promised.”