I was totally prepared to be skeptical about converting my home to solar power! Then, I met Jessica Evans; a pleasant and very personable powerhouse… a solar consultant who presented an amazing array of information in a clear, concise and easily understandable format. There were no games or high pressure tactics. It quickly became clear that Jessica was there to serve us. Her goal was first to help my wife, Ronita and me decide if solar power was for us. Only then did she focus on how Solar USA could help us meet our objectives. We were impressed that there were no upfront costs for 18 months. That will allow us time to receive our federal subsidy and accrue some energy savings to help with our costs. Additionally, the combined longterm energy savings, on top of the immediate increase in property value makes going solar a great, common sense investment! Finally, the design features and engineering of Solar USA’s products are quite impressive! Each American-made solar panel’s inclusion of a micro-inverter makes it efficient and highly reliable. Further, its demonstrated strength and durability in high impact situations, like hail storms, make Solar USA panels nearly indestructible and maintenance-free. By the end of Jessica’s time with us, Ronita and I were very excited about going solar and confident that Solar USA was the right company with the best products to help us into a home energy future that meets our needs, while helping the environment! Our sincere thanks goes to Jessica Evans and Solar USA!

Cabin house solar panel